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We are thrilled to announce that our 2021 Annual Campaign was a huge success. Even during this difficult time, we not only met our goal, but we significantly surpassed it!

We are overwhelmed by our caring and generous community! In addition to increasing funds for the annual campaign, contributions were made to increase existing scholarship funds and to establish two new scholarship funds: The Judy & Jan Huussen Scholarship Fund and the Ken Offringa Scholarship Fund.


The Foundation Board of Directors recently met and after reviewing the contributions received in 2021. We were pleased to learn that the Foundation will be able to substantially increase the distribution of funds to RCS for the 2022-23 school year. We will be providing more details in our upcoming annual report.


Thank you for helping us continue our tradition of neighbors helping neighbors to ensure that Christian education is available to every family today and for generations to come.

Please scroll down to see a list of 2021 donors.


With Gratitude,
The RCS Foundation Board of Directors

Greg Chambery, President

Ronald Van Harken, Vice President & Secretary

Kurt Schumacher, Treasurer

Gail Barbour, Finance Manager

Linda Hovey, RCS Liaison

Tony LaPolla, General Advisor

Jeff Machiele, Financial Advisor

Cindy Kearns, Staff Communications Director

Thank you to Our 2021 Generous Campaign Donors
(As of December 31, 2021)

4 Anonymous Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Karmond Almquist
Mr. & Mrs. Merlan Almquist
Ms. Gail Barbour
Mr. & Mrs. John Becker
Ms. Rebecca Bivone
Mr. Leonard Bower
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Bowman
Ms. Cheryl Bratt
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bratt
Ms. Mary Brocksopp
Ms. Lisa Bugman
Mr. & Mrs. Brook Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Chambery
Ms. Judith Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Kornelijus Cieminis
Webster Christian Reformed Church
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Clarkin
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cok
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cornelison
Ms. Christine Dear
Mr. & Mrs. Gord DenOuden
Bowen Mill Chapel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard DiMarco
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Dimperio
Ms. Mary Dood
Ms. Robert Dove
Ms. Sonja Dove
Ms. Melanie Easter-Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Farmiga
Ms. Deceglia Ferris
Ms. Ruth Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. William Fischer
Mr. Donald Frelier
Ms. JoAnne Frelier
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Frelier
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Frelier
Mrs. Marianne Frost
Ms. Dorothy Fuller
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Gause
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Giangreco
Ms. Janice Giardino
Ms. Gay Greene & Mr. Goeckel
Ms. Virginia Greenland

Ms. Kathy Hager

Ms. Jean Haines

Ms. Karen Hanley

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harding

Gary Hartman
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hershey
Ms. Janice Hillyard
Ms. Bonnie Hoekstra
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hovey
Mr. & Mrs. William Hunt
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Hutt
Mr. Bernard H. Huussen
Mr. & Mrs. Jan R. Huussen
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Ilbrink
Ms. Karen Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kelderhouse Sr.
Ms. Marianne Kepler
Ms. Linda Kirchgessner
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Klanderman
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Klein
Yuriy Konyk
Ms. Lorraine Kuipers
Ms. Emma Kuipers-Butenas
Ms. Karleen LaDue
Mr. Robert Lamberts
Ms. Joanne Lankford
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony LaPolla
Mr. James Leunk
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Little

Mr. & Mrs. David Lubberts

Ms. Rena Lubberts

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lucci

Mr. & Mrs. Delwyn Machiele

Mr. & Dr. Jeffrey Machiele

Ms. Ruth Machiele

Mr. & Mrs. David Mai

Andrew Mathias

Mr. & Mrs. David Matteson

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Matteson

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher McClurg

Ms. Patricia McNulty

Ms. Patricia McQuay

Mr. & Mrs. Olaf Melander

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Michael

Mr. Raymond Milne

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Nienhuis

Mr. Mark Noblett

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nykamp

Ms. Shannon Oldham

Ms. Patricia O'Shea

Ms. Joyce Ostberg

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Overbeeke

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pasquini

Ms. Sandra Peterham
Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Porte
Mr. & Mrs. Rene Porte
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Powers
Ms. Joan Purvee
Ms. Mary Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Rittenhouse
Mr. & Mrs. William Ryckbost
Mr. & Mrs. James Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schumacher
Mr. Taylor Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Selvaggio
Mr. & Mrs. Alden Snell
Mr. Robert Snell
Mr. & Mrs. William Staudenmayer
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Steensma
Mr. Christopher Steensma
Mr. Nathan Steensma
Ms. Kristine Stumpf
Mr. Bruce Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. Kerwin Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. M. Wayne Swenson
Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Taylor
Ms. Hermien Terpstra
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Tiesenga
Mr. David Titus
Ms. Betty Tolsma
Mr. John Tubridy
Ms. Kally Tuttle
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Valentine
Dr. & Mrs. Elise Van der Jagt
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Van Harken
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Van Hoven
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Vanden Bout
Ms. Eunice Vanderlaan
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Vandermeer
Mr. Dwight Vandermeer
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Vandermeer
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Vandermeer
Mr. & Mrs. James VanderMeulen
Mr. & Mrs. John Vanderwalle
Mr. & Mrs. George Vanderwoude
Mr. & Mrs. David VanDyk
Mr. & Mrs. Auke Verbree
Ms. Christy Vick
Mr. & Mrs. George Vonhof
Ms. Nancy Walker
Mr. James Wassenaar
Drs. Robert Weber
Mr. & Mrs. James Weichel
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wierenga
Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Wong

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