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Friday, June 18, 2021

at Webster Golf Club

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RCS Foundation Annual Golf Tournament

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2020 Annual Campaign

RCS Students

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We’ve all encountered challenges and unusual circumstances this year. Many businesses and organizations are struggling to stay viable. Back in March 2020, schools, families and students had to quickly adjust to remote learning. Even now, with the new school year underway, RCS continues to cope with state mandates and the need to take steps to ensure the safety of those most at risk. 

RCS has done a tremendous job of creating a solution to bring students back into the building this school year. To meet state requirements for private schools, RCS had to reduce class sizes and therefore the total number of enrolled students this year. We’re happy to report near capacity enrollment, which the school attributes mainly to the high-quality Christian education that only RCS offers, as well as the ability to provide in-person classes every day. While this is good news, there are also financial concerns for the school, given that they have the same number of teachers and classrooms, but less students and tuition income.

Over 100 years ago, a group of people from our community came together to form Rochester Christian School. Everyone pitched in whatever they could to help form a special school where families could send their children for a high quality yet affordable Christian education. That foundation of Christian values and neighbors working together and supporting each other is the tradition that continues today. 

Thanks to the support of our caring community, each year the RCS Foundation is able to provide the school with funds that allow the school to continue to operate. Additionally, the Foundation awards several deserving families with scholarships each year so they are able to afford to send their children to RCS. The support of the Foundation has been a key financial component for the school for over 26 years. We count on donors to continue to help the school at the current level of much needed support.

Once again our prayers have been answered. We not only met our 2020 goal but we exceeded it! Thank you for helping us continue our tradition of neighbors helping neighbors to ensure that Christian education is available to every family today and for generations to come.


With Gratitude,
The RCS Foundation Board of Directors

Thank you to Our Generous 2020 Campaign Donors

2 Anonymous Donors

Armbruster Capital Management

Ms. Gail Barbour

Ms. Becky Bivone

Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Braband

Browncroft Community Church

Mr. & Mrs. Brook Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Chambery
Ms. Judith Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Chambery
Mr. Nicholas Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Chambery
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Cieminis

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cok
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cornelison

Ms. Christine Dear
Mr. Joshua DeJong
Mr. & Mrs. Richard DiMarco
Mr. & Mrs. John Dobbenga

Ms. Janet Duemmel
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dykstra
Mr. Donald Frelier

Ms. Joanne Frelier

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Frelier

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Frelier

Ms. Dorothy Fuller

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gable

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Gause
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Getz

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Giangreco

Ms. Janice Giardino

Mr. Goeckel & Ms. Greene

Ms. Jean Haines

Ms. Thea Hare

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Randy Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. William Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Huussen

Ms. Gloria Huussen

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Huussen

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Huussen

Ms. Miriam Jacobs

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Klanderman
Mr. & Mrs. David Klanderman
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Klein
Ms. Emma Kuipers-Butenas

Mr. & Mrs. George Kuipers

Ms. Lorraine Kuipers
Ms. Joanne Lankford

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony LaPolla
Mr. James 

Mr. & Mrs. David Lubberts
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lucci

Mr. & Mrs. Delwyn Machiele

Mr. & Dr. Jeff Machiele
Ms. Ruth Machiele

Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Maldoon

Mark's Pizzeria
Ms. Bernice McGovern

Patricia McQuay

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Michael

Mr. Ray Milne
Mr. Jonathan Moak

Ms. Lucille Muench

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Nienhuis

Mr. Mark Noblett

Ms. Sandra Peterham

Mr. & Mrs. Hank Porte

Mr. & Mrs. Hans Porte

Ms. Jacqueline Porte

Mr. & Mrs. Rene Porte

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Sbrocco

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schumacher

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Selvaggio

Ms. Lorraine Selvaggio
Mr. & Mrs. David Senise

Mr. Arthur Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Steensma
Mr. Christopher Steensma

Ms. Hermien Terpstra

Mr. & Mrs. Douglass Thiele
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tisa

Ms. Marilyn Tisa
Ms. Betty Tolsma
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Torrell

Dr. & Mrs. Elise van der Jagt
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Van Harken

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Van Hoven
Mr. & Mrs. John Vanderwalle

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Veenje
Mr. & Mrs. Auke Verbree

Mr. & Mrs. George Vonhof
Mr. James Wassenaar
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wierenga
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Zandstra

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