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RCS Foundation 
2024 Annual Golf Tournament

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Join Us
Monday, June 17, 2024


at Webster Golf Club

(Note the new day! This year we play on Monday!)


Supporting a Good Cause
The funds raised at the RCS Foundation Annual Golf Tournament allow us to continue to provide 
Rochester Christian School with much needed support for tuition, scholarships and school operating costs.


Please join us for a fun day of golf or as a sponsor.


RCS Roof Replacement Project

building photo-web-crop1.jpg

As many in the RCS community know, the school building is in need of a roof replacement. The total cost will be approximately $300,000. The school has $50,000 in savings earmarked toward the cost of the work, leaving a gap of $250,000. Raising the money through donations to offset borrowing to pay for this project is important for the financial health of the school moving forward. 

RCS has a fundraising campaign underway for this project. In addition, the RCS Foundation is coming alongside the school in these efforts by

allocating all undesignated donations received in 2024 to the RCS Roof Replacement Project.

Our prayer is that you will be led by God to invest in the future of the school with a special donation to the RCS Roof Project. Every gift, no matter the size, will have a direct impact.

You can also mail your donation to:

RCS Foundation

260 Embury Road

Rochester, NY 14625

Checks should be made payable to: RCS Foundation.

Click here to read the detailed letter from Greg Chambery, President of the RCS Foundation Board of Directors, regarding the Roof Replacement Project and the Foundation's role in assisting the school.

RCS Foundation 
2023 Annual Campaign

kids 2023 web.jpg

We are delighted to share uplifting news! The RCS Foundation’s 2023 annual fundraising campaign, which concluded on December 31, 2023, not only met but surpassed its goal.

We set out to raise $50,000 during our annual campaign and had a remarkable response of $45,000 from our community. Additionally, we received $45,000 in contributions earmarked for scholarship funds, bringing us to a grand total of over $90,000 raised in 2023. This incredible outcome bolsters the Foundation’s Endowment Fund and several Scholarship Funds, positioning us to continue, and even increase, the level of vital annual support to RCS and its families.

Last year alone, the Foundation distributed $43,000 to RCS for the 2023 school year, positively influencing the educational experiences of many students. Thanks to our generous donors and the success of the 2023 annual campaign, there will be an 8% increase in the Foundation’s distribution to RCS for the 2024 school year for general operating costs and student scholarships.


Our RCS community and our 107-year-old tradition of neighbors helping neighbors are now stronger than ever. The commitment to ensuring that Christian education remains affordable to every family is both admirable and crucial. By supporting the RCS Foundation, you are playing a vital role in shaping the future of generations to come.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness, and unwavering support. We are honored to have you as a valued member of the RCS Foundation family.


With Gratitude,


The RCS Foundation Board of Directors
Greg Chambery, President | Ronald Van Harken, Vice President | Tony LaPolla, Secretary | Gail Barbour, Finance Manager & RCS Liaison
Jeff Machiele, Financial Advisor | Neil Cieminis, General Advisor | Cindy Kearns, Communications Director

Thank you to Our 2023 Generous Campaign Donors
(As of December 31, 2023)

Mrs. Marianne Frost

Ms. Dorothy Fuller

Mr. Curtis Fyles

Ms. Janet Fyles

Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Gause

Ms. Susan Gilbert-Collins

Mr. Robert Goeckel  & Ms. Gay Greene

Ms. Jean Haines

Ms. Thea Hare

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Harris

Ms. Suzanne Hershey

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hovey

Mr. Bernard H. Huussen

Mr. & Mrs. Jan R. Huussen

Ms. Miriam Jacobs

Ms. Audrey Johnville

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Klanderman

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Klein

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Klossner

Mr. & Mrs. Yuriy Konyk

Ms. Emma Kuipers-Butenas

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Landeryou

Ms. Joanne Lankford

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony LaPolla

Mr. James Leunk & 

Ms. Mary Steensma

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Little

Mr. & Mrs. David Lubberts

Mr. & Mrs. Gerrit Lubberts

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lucci

Mr. & Dr. Jeffrey Machiele

Ms. Ruth Machiele

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mathias

Mr. & Mrs. Clifton McCullough

Ms. Patricia McQuay

Ms. Lucille Muench

Ms Suzanne Muench

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Nienhuis

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nourse

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nykamp

Ms. Shannon Oldham

Ms. Joyce Ostberg

Mr. Robert Pieter

Mr. & Mrs. Johannes Porte

Mr. & Mrs. Rene Porte

Mr. & Mrs. William Ryckbost

Mr. & Mrs. James Schumacher

Mr. & Mrs. Randal Schumacher

Mr. Taylor Schumacher

Rev. & Mrs. Anthony Selvaggio

Ms. Linda Starsmore

Mr. & Mrs. William Stata

Mr. Christopher Steensma

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sudore

Ms. Hermien Terpstra

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Thiele

Mr. David Titus

Ms. Rena Tolsma

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Torrell

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Tschorke

A C Tshudy

Dr. & Mrs. Elise van der Jagt

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Van Harken

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Van Hoven

Mr. & Mrs. John Vanderwalle

Mr. & Mrs. George Vanderwoude

Mr. & Mrs. Auke Verbree

Mr. & Mrs. William Werther

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wierenga

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Zandstra

Ms. Heidi Zinkand

Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Zinnecker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zinnecker

Mr. Anthony Adin

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Astifan

Ms. Mariane Bafile

Ms. Gail Barbour

Ms. Rebecca Bivone

Mr. & Mrs. William Bogertman

Mr. & Mrs. Egbert Bouwmeester

Mr. Leonard Bower

Ms. Sheila Briggs

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bruinsma

Mr. James Bult

Ms. Catherine Butler

Mr. & Mrs. Brook Chambery

Mr. Dale Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Chambery

Ms. Judith Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Chambery

Mr. & Mrs. Kornelijus Cieminis

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cok

Ms. Margaret Colucci

Mr. & Mrs. Jan Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Croucher

Mr. & Mrs. Donald (Mertz) Dear

Mr. & Mrs. Joel DeBruin

Mr. & Mrs. Richard DiMarco

Mr. & Mrs. John Dobbenga

Mr. T. Burt Dowden

Ms. Janet Duemmel

Mr. James Eckl

Ms. Kim Ellia

Mr. Andrew Frelier

Mr. Donald Frelier

Ms. JoAnne Frelier

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Frelier

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Frelier

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