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Meet the Schumacher Family

Our RCSF Community is filled with families who have been involved with Rochester Christian School and the RCS Foundation for several generations. There are many wonderful stories to be found as we explore these connections.

Today we thought you might like to learn about the Schumacher family. Their history with Rochester Christian School spans five generations and began many years ago with John W. Schumacher serving on the Board for the young Christian school. The children of John and his wife, Jessie, attended RCS, as did their grandchildren and several of their great-grandchildren. There are even a few of John and Jessie’s great-great-grandchildren attending RCS today. Not counting the youngest generation, each prior generation had individuals who served on the RCS board. A family member also taught at the school for 20 years. 

In addition to being students and alumni of RCS, the family has a long and active history in supporting the efforts of the school and foundation. Two important RCS Foundation scholarship funds were established to honor John and Loraine Schumacher (established in 2007) and Peter and Myra Schumacher (established in 2012).

The Schumacher family has enjoyed its RCS connections with classmates, teachers and staff, with relationships that have endured long after they graduated. Many are dear friends even today. They have also been blessed with vivid memories of teachers who helped shape their lives, prior school buildings, and memorable school experiences. Upon reflection, the family has clearly been blessed through the educational ministry of Rochester Christian School.

What is far more amazing than a family with a five-generation connection to Rochester Christian School is the Lord’s faithfulness to that school through the ups and downs of its 100-plus year history. The Lord has provided faithful administrators, teachers, staff, Board members, and volunteers to serve the school. The Lord also moved the hearts of supporters to create the RCS Foundation 25 years ago to provide valuable endowment support for RCS. Praise God for his care and blessing of RCS!

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